Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Night Dinner

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Here is tonight's dinner. We totally ran out of food today. We looked around our pantry for what we could make, and I think the best we could come up with was plain rice or plain pasta. We were totally out of food. So, as always when we come upon the rice or pasta realization, we head out to Nugget. I decided that we should try a flank steak for dinner - the weather is beautiful and flank steak is cheap. So, I went past Wynne's house and picked up the briquettes that I left there after the barbeque at her house on Friday night, and I went to work. I also picked up some sweet onions and portabellas at the market. So, dinner ended up consisting of:

Flank steak - medium-rare with paprika, salt and pepper.

Grilled portabella mushrooms.

Grilled sweet onions.

Couscous with parsley.

A 2005 Chateau de Ségriès Cotes du Rhone - very fruity, but not much else - just fine for the price.

What a wonderful thing - to be able to sit outside for dinner at the beginning of March in Davis - I'm still convinced that this is the beginning of the end - global warming has finally caught up with us.

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Anonymous said...

dude, you need more fire on those onions (they look crunchy) and less fire on that steak...