Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomato Omelet

Virginia has been good to me so far. I've got my family here, I've got a great job, I've got friends. I continue to meet new people. Virginia has also provided me with great food.

Tonight for dinner I made a tomato omelet with eggs from Kirsty and Brian's chickens (brown this time, blue last time), a tomato from their garden, and some feta I had in the fridge. After a few long days and late nights an omelet has the perfect balance of tastiness and ease which leads to a high flavor return on effort.

Tomato Omelet

Olive oil
2 eggs
1 small tomato
feta cheese

Pour a little oil in the pan and heat up over medium heat.

Crack some eggs into a bowl/measuring cup, and beat up.

Pour the eggs into the hot pan, let them cook until just set at the bottom. Do you feel compelled to mix them a little? Go ahead and do it.

Slice up a tomato, put it on top of the omelet. Sprinkle with a little salt and then some feta.

A sublime little meal for a late Sunday night.