Sunday, November 27, 2005

What used to be a Curry Chicken Sandwich

I wish that there were more pictures of the food that I eat for me to put up. Take for instance, this curry chicken sandwich. Exhibit 2 would be the Thanksgiving turkey. The problem stems from the desire to eat the food in front of me being more desirable than the desire to take a picture of the food. Now the people around me may not agree, thinking that I indeed do take pictures of everything that I eat. Let this be the prime example of me NOT taking a picture of everything that goes into my mouth.
Incidentally, this picture was taken in Del Mar, CA while lunching with David and his friend Sparsh, the congenial son of a San Diegan jeweler.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Joy of Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables
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Yes, that is a tomato and yes, it is November. I am as surprised as you are! When Antonia and I went out to the country yesterday, we were surprised to find that there has not been any frost in Davis yet, despite what the temperature receptors right under my skin tell me every morning. We found not only tomatoes, but also bell peppers, green bean(s), eggplants, and cherry chili peppers. It was quite a bounty that we pilfered from the backyard of Chez Oakley. Now, while I sit here and write about vegetables listening to Handsome Boy Modeling School, I realize that there really is a joy in fresh vegetables. The idea that the ingredients dictate what we make is new to me yet as old as cooking itself. It is a relatively recent development that all vegetables are available all year in a supermarket.

I for one love finding something to cook with a basket of vegetables. It is a simple pleasure that I do not come across often. Anyway, the fate of these vegetables was to be incorporated into---
Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Lavash Sandwiches, a la Gregoire Jacquet, Gregoire, Berkeley, CA.
The vegetables were grilled at 400ºF for 35 minutes with some olive oil, salt and pepper by the sweet Antonia. After acquiring some lavash from the Co-Op, we put down some hummus, filled it with veggies, and rolled up our sandwiches. A brief (3-5 min.) grilling on each side in a cast-iron pan gave them the perfect brown. MMMMM did those things go down quick!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nothing is better for breakfast than a great omelet

Spinach Omelet
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To prove to myself that I still believed the claim set forth in the title, I went about making myself a classic omelet this morning. 2 eggs, salt and pepper. That's all. Well, except for the wilted garden spinach from our gardent that made its way in. I have to credit Alton Brown for teaching me how to make such a great omelet. Since watching the omelet episode of "Good Eats", my omeletting skills have improved by powers of 10.

Conclusion: A great omelet is the perfect breakfast, but I think that I will have to run more tests (mmmmm) before I can publish my findings (except that right now I'm publishing my findings... oh never mind).