Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Humboldt Fog and Biscuits

Humboldt Fog and Biscuits 1
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This morning, as I awoke, I was surprised (and pleased) to find a plate full of biscuits on my side table. Antonia got up before me and made me one of my favorite breakfasts - biscuits. Its a very simple breakfast, but Antonia makes the best biscuits I have ever had, so the simplicity does not take anything away from breakfast.

Yesterday, Antonia and I went into the East Bay to purchase a coffee table at Ikea and while in the neighborhood of Berkeley decided to lunch in our old digs. The plan was to go to A.G. Ferrari and Beanery, but much to the dismay of my bagel-loving girlfriend, Beanery was out of bagels. Just before the out-of-bagels incident at Beanery, we went in to A.G. Ferrari next door to get my lunch - the Siciliano sandwich (a roasted vegetable sandwich with ricotta salata on a seeded roll). While they were making my sandwich, I noticed the cheese case - the same cheese case that introduced me to smoked gouda and St. Andre. Today the cheese that caught my eye was the wheel of Humboldt Fog - a goat cheese made by Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre in McKinleyville, CA. This is by far the best goat cheese that I have tasted outside of France, where I was lucky enough to buy some fresh chevre for a train ride at the farmer's market in Carcassonne. It has a nicely moldy rind and some vegetable ash in the middle. It is named Humboldt Fog due to the color - which apparently resembles the color of the fog in Humboldt, CA.

Skip to lunch today - I put the two wonderful foods together. Lunch was Humboldt Fog and biscuits. Basically perfection on a plate.

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oso said...

My friend, you went into Ikea and you came out. You more than deserve whatever kind of cheese you fancy.