Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fourme D'Ambert Omelet

Fourme D'Ambert Omelet
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10 years ago, you couldn't have paid me to eat an omelet, never mind an omelet with blue cheese. My taste for blue cheese has only developed recently though I wish that this was not the case.

I love this cheese. I was only introduced to in 2 weeks ago, and already I am in love. It is such a creamy blue cheese - almost like a blue brie. I picked it up at Nugget as the cheese lady was cutting it up and wrapping it. I tasted a piece and was sold. I had to wait until after I went down to Irvine for Thanksgiving to incorporate it into what I knew would be a great vehicle for this cheese: an omelet.

This morning after I finished studying for my now complete final in Microbiology, I decided to make myself an omelet. A couple of weeks ago I did the same thing and came up with the spinach omelet - it was great. The spinach from our backyard was wonderful in that omelet. Today's omelet was different - instead of a fresh, bright feeling in my mouth, I got an earthy, musky feeling to go along with the taste. The taste was near perfect - so good in fact I thought about it all through my tests today. In fact, I can still taste it now, 4 hours later. That gives a glimpse of the depth of the flavor.

The little block of cheese on top was the perfect finish to the omelet - half way through I received an extra bite of cheese - it was like a present from my omelet to me :)

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