Wednesday, January 11, 2006

St. Andre on Melba Toasts - another great breakfast

St. Andre on Melba Toasts
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On the same trip to Trader Joe's that provided the ingredients for the Salame and Arugula Sandwich, I picked up a wedge of St. Andre cheese. I had never had this wonderfully mild cheese before - what a waste of youth; I could have been eating this cheese all my life!

Anyway, all it takes are some chunks of St. Andre and a few Melba toasts to create a wonderful breakfast. It's a very simple way to start the day; cheese and coffee. Maybe I'll start a movement called "Cheese and Coffee for Breakfast."

Who's with me?

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Anonymous said...

Me, definitely.. I LOVE this cheese and ate loads of it when I spent time in the US, but sadly they don't sell it in the UK where I live. I wish I knew why :o(
From: Sarey777 (flickr)