Monday, December 22, 2008

Twilight in Davis

Twilight in Davis
Originally uploaded by monkeycat!.


Dawn said...

I love all your photos.

You seem like an expert in photography so I was hoping to tap you brain with a question that just bugs me.
When I upload photos to my blog they are as crisp as they are in my photo album.
Is there another way to put photos onto your blog (from blogger) without using the blogger format?
My photos are great and clear in my Picasa photo album on my computer but when I upload them to my food blog they shrink and aren't as clear. What's up with that?
I appreciate any feedback you can give.

Greg said...


I think it may depend on how they are transferred from Picasa Web Album to Blogger. I have my photos hosted at Flickr, and the pictures on my blog link to a large size version of the photo (about 1000px.). Is there an option inside of Picasa web album that lets you choose what resolution to upload or link to from your blog?

Good luck!