Sunday, August 13, 2006

Two tomatoes or Living in the tomato capital and err... not living up to expecations.

Our Zebra Tomato
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It was time for the big reveal, the moment that we have waited for all summer, the point in time when we realize that living in the Central Valley of California has an upside. It was time to eat the first tomatoes of the season. We live in Davis, California which is in Yolo County. Yolo County is the tomato capital of America. I'm not kidding. 90% of the U.S. tomatoes are grown in our fair county. The soil and the temperature are perfect to grow tomatoes, and for this reason, EVERYONE grows tomatoes. We like every other household in Davis planted tomatoes as soon as it stopped raining.

Now, months later, we realized that while Yolo County may be heaven for tomatoes, our backyard is not. We planted 3 tomato vines and were managed to get 6 flowers to set fruit. While most of Davis can get 6 fruits in a bunch, we made 6 total. Today I picked the 2 zebra tomatoes that we grew. Now, all is not lost; I tasted one and it was amazing - deep flavor, a slight hint of sweetness with no supermarket tomato qualities. It was a beautiful feeling cutting into the first tomato of the season. Yet there was something in the back of my head nagging at me... Two. Two? Two! I can't believe we were only able to grow 2 zebra tomatoes this season.

Oh well, next year will be better (I hope) and in the mean time, I think we are going to pull out the tomato plants and let the eggplant thrive with some additional light and let the lemon cucumbers colonize the rest of the bed. We have no problem growing those... In fact we can't give them away fast enough. If you are in town and want some zucchini or lemon cucumbers, give us a call. We would be more than happy to fill you up.

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