Saturday, April 29, 2006

Davis Farmer's Market

Selling Thier Wares
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The return of the sun signals the return of the Farmer's Market. Well, more accurately, the return of the sun signals the return of Greg to the Farmer's Market. Here some of the farmers selling their produce. The man in the blue sweatshirt with the woman bending over is selling honey and almonds. A few months ago Antonia and I took a picnic out in the country and then found out that we had our picnic in this man's almond orchard.

This is only one of many farmer's markets that take place every day all over the world. The Cooking Diva is putting together a gallery of farmer's markets all over the world. I think photos from the markets in South and Central America are beautiful.

When I'm at the farmer's market, I try to find out as much as possible about the produce that the farmers are selling. There will never be a better time, I think, to find out about how the food is made. These people are 0 steps away from the land. They know what was done to the fruits and vegetables (and animals) every day, from when they were planted (or born) until we see them at the market. They are a fantastic source of information, and I exploit them. There, I said it. I exploit the farmers at the farmer's market for their expansive knowledge of their foods.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Loved the photos...all of them. They are so colorful and full of life :)
Your post brought back memories of the days I used to visit Davis. Very often to tell you the truth :)
Hugs from Panama!