Sunday, October 16, 2005

Whole-Wheat Waffles

breakfast waffles
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What could be better than getting a full night of rest after a busy week? Waffles! That's what. I woke up this morning with the lingering smell of batter in the air. How lucky I was to discover that it was not my imagination, but in fact whole-wheat heart waffles made especially for me by my sweet Antonia.

Yes, I made the boy waffles. I love him! I can't help but try to stuff whole grains into him at every opportunity. He's got to last me a long, long time. Plus- I figure this freshly made breakfast thing might mask, at least for a while, my propensity for awaking before 7 am on the weekends.
I think it's working so far ;)

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Anonymous said...

I lassoed her father with pecan waffles. How nice to think some things don't change very much!